In addition to the above aspects. The objectives of Lufi Surf School also pass through the realization and organization of various regional, national and international events of different modalities linked to surf as; Stand Up Paddle Board, Longboard and Shortboard that will bring to our beaches, and shopping areas, restoration and surrounding hotel, the best national practitioners, international, technical and throughout the public and the media that normally accompany all these events. Among many other activities we promote, we can highlight, for now, some events:

Surf&Golf Event

An event nationally Surf & amp; Golf where it encourages the exchange of experience, trial and interaction between athletes in two different modes.

National Championships Stand Up Paddle Board/ Longboard/ Shortboard

Gather an event all national practitioners of the three modes in different tests.

Lufi Festival

Annual meeting, always highly anticipated and sought after by all practitioners of our ways, which is promoted in a relaxed atmosphere and without competitive needs, a spirit of camaraderie and unique interaction between.

National Longboard Championship

Proof of the date for the establishment of the National Longboard champion.

Exchanges, weekends and weeks surf

Also promoted throughout the year, several exchanges with other national and international schools and special packs of end-of-week or weekly which will include lessons, food and stay in selected catering partners.

Oxbow sponsorship

The Lufi Surf School is also present internationally through an agreement for the promotion of our pack end-of-week and weekly on the network of over 60 stores Oxbow across Europe. These packs, which include our classes, room and board for associate partners, are aimed at attracting students from other countries to our region.

Think about the hassle wrapped in transportation boards, also we placed at the disposal of the customers of these packs a system that allows them, by providing some data (eg weight, height or type and plank as they are used) have a board right for you immediately upon your arrival.

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