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Deeply is a european brand designed for Surfers, Nature Lovers, and all of those with a thirst for board Sports.

Hotel Caparica

Ever Caparica – Beach & Conference Hotel

The Hotel Ever Caparica, with sunshine all year round and the sunset in the ocean meets the perfect conditions to escape the routine, relax at the mercy of the sun and beach or live moments of fun. With a privileged location, facing the largest and most popular beach in the region, Costa da Caparica is part of the top 10 of the best city beaches and is considered one of the best surf spots in Europe. The EVER Caparica is thus the ideal destination for surf lovers.
Accept the challenge and come catch the wave with us! We have special conditions for customers Lufi School.

Stand Up Friend Paddle School

Stand Up Friend Paddle School

The purpose of the Stand Up Friend Paddle School is to be more than one class of a sport, we want it to be an enriching experience of happiness, Stand Up Paddel is a very complete sport working multiple muscle groups at once and allows you to have a real interaction with the nature combined all this to be an experience the height of the personal expectations of each. In Stand Up Friend as the name implies the concept is the friendship each student a friend, each teacher a counselor, a friend.

Ever Beach Club

Ever Beach Club

n full beach and a few meters from the sea, Hotel Ever Caparica prepared for you a single room on the beach where you will enjoy the best that summer has to offer. Ever the Beach Club enjoy light meals and delicious cocktails while taking a break in your beach day in Caparica or watch a magnificent sunset. The Ever Beach Club is a space of 150 m2 (divided into 2 areas: outside and inside 65m2 85m2) with also ideal conditions for holding events, with a scenic backdrop that will endure forever in the memory of your guests. Why Resist? Contact Mail:

Clube Quebra Mar


Created in 1989 by a Portuguese, teenager in love for sailing, who designed and sold T-shirts in Cascais to get money for the holidays and that even today, over 20 years later, it remains in the administration of Brand. Initially sold at catalog Quebramar in 1999 is a network of shops making it a national fashion reference in the nautical universe in which positions. Members of the Club Quebramar enjoy 20% discount on classes packs in Lufi Surf School, please call 925 892 363 and score.

Prime Fitness

Prime Fitness TAP

The Prime Fitness Club TAP has as main objective to be the hub for excellence, exercise, health and wellness.
We work to have a “family” club, where our members feel good, feel at home; but where service excellence is a constant concern for the partner’s rule. This is the balance we seek every day, from birth on 28 January 2008. We want to reach more and more, to more people, thus being able to provide all of this community a healthier way of life through of physical exercise in all its aspects, thus being able to help more families in promoting an active lifestyle.

NAV Portugal

NAV Portugal

The NAV Portugal is the company that provides air navigation services in the airspace under the responsibility of Portugal, which includes both the airspace over the Portuguese mainland and the two autonomous regions, but also a wide area over the North Atlantic. It has two Air Traffic Control centers, 9 Torres control in national Airports, a Training Centre and numerous systems and equipment to support air navigation scattered throughout the country. Currently has about 980 workers, highly skilled, working for the safety of passengers and aircraft 24 hours a day throughout the year.


BPI Sports Group

The BPI Sports Group currently has about 12,000 members there for 12 years (10 years with the current direction).
The scope of the BPI Sports Group is to boost the personal lives of its members with value propositions that pass through recreational, sporting and cultural area.
We currently have over 250 partners with advantages that go through discounts, deals, special and unique campaigns, etc.
We have a website and a quarterly magazine sent to members and covering the entire national territory and islands.

Krav Maga.

Portuguese Federation of Krav Maga

Krav Maga is based on simplicity, speed and efficiency, a self-defense system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld initially for the Israeli army, later adapted to the reality of civil society with huge success and results as evidenced by the growing number of practitioners Worldwide.
The Portuguese Federation of Krav Maga is the representative in Portugal of the European Federation of Krav Maga – Richard Douieb with over 10,000 practitioners federal and present throughout Europe.

Best Education

Best Education Studies Center

We are a Study Centre that provides services in education, training and leisure activities for youth and children. We support our students from the 1st cycle to the higher education, working with a view to success.
So that success is even tastier, we combine the study to the entertainment component. So we created the “Best Education Summer Camps” which includes a day of surf in partnership with Lufi Surf School. Pure fun for ocupares your summer!

Atelier da Vida

Support-school center and Psychology Workshop of Life

The Support-school center and Psychology Workshop of Life is a company established in Charneca da Caparica, which develops its activity in the education area (Study Room, Individual Tutoring or group and also at Home) and Psychology Services.
We have the collaboration of a clinical and teaching staff highly specialized and differentiated able to respond to their needs. We cover all stages of the life cycle, from intrauterine life through childhood, adolescence and old adulta.Possu√≠mos agreements with various entities in Psychology Centre’s services and in-school support center services.


MENTA24 – Study Room and Pedagogical Activities.

The MENTA24 – Study Room and Pedagogical activities is a space in Almada, which serves children and youth of school age, as well as adults. Offers Educational Support, Tutoring, Workshops (Theater), guitar lessons, singing, voice, Courses (English), Psychology, Summer Activity (outdoors), Story Space and After-Hours (kidsitting). Life is not just school, so we offer a variety of activities for children and parents.


Fidelidade Plus

“Service Fidelidade Plus is unique to itself, which deserves a personalized service for its preferential relationship with Fidelidade.
For being Customer Fidelidade Plus has advantages and preferential terms in our products / services and exclusive benefits on a partner network.”

Clinica das Conchas

Club Clinic of Conchas

The Club Clinic of Conchas is a children’s health that has a philosophy based on a basic concept of “Exercise Medicine” -Mex. They are integrated into a Clinical Center, a Rehabilitation Center, a Wellness Center, and Exercise Center. We are pioneers in the practice of Exercise Medicine in Portugal, staring up exercise as a technique with therapeutic effect.


Portuguese Cardiology Foundation

The Portuguese Cardiology Foundation fight for Healthy Hearts.
Through campaigns and varied actions, warned the Portuguese for the importance and imperative to make the right choice: to have a life filled with healthy habits for the health of the heart, thus preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke at all ages.


Playocean | Costa de Caparica

The Playocean is a Beach Tourism communication platform, whose main objective is to use the Internet to bring the tourists the local people.

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